BARRY Beavers Swimming Club claimed an impressive haul of 13 medals at the Rhondda Polar Bears Swimming Gala last weekend.

Competing against four other clubs, the Beavers claimed six golds, three silvers and four bronze medals at the event, with the League Swim Team finishing second overall behind Blaenau Gwent Otters.

The team were as follows:-

Keira and Nadine Dyne, Jen and Aiden Thomson, Sarah and Louis Davies, Faye Sage, Leah Marcus, Amiya Watkins, Suzanne Haslam, Philip Daly, Holly Willis, Keira Richards, Abby Finch, Callum and Tyler Savory, Heather Williams, Sophie Woodham, Kyle Sirak, Gareth Lloyd, Mark Eveleigh, Ffion Jones, Jack Kemp and Nicholas Cushen.

Special mention goes to Sophie Woodham, who was making her comeback after being unable to compete in recent weeks.

The club and committee would like to congratulate the whole team on their efforts and for being a credit and inspiration to their members.

The Beavers medallists were as follows:


Nadine Dyne Ladies 25m

Philip Daley Mens 25m

Jen Thomson Ladies 50m

Ffion Jones Girls 100m

Jack Kemp Boys 100m

Sarah Davies Ladies 100m

Jnr Relay Team – Jack Kemp, Callum Savory, Ffion Jones and Abby Finch


Leah Marcus Girls 25m

Heather Williams Ladies 50m

Nicholas Cushen Mens 100m


Keira Dyne Girls 25m

Aiden Thomson Boys 25m

Callum Savory Boys 50m

Mark Eveleigh Mens 50m