Remembering the Welsh contribution to World War One

11:58am Thursday 28th August 2014

EARLIER this month I attended memorial services in Leper (also known as Ypres), Belgium, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Bats plan?

11:48am Thursday 28th August 2014

ALTHOUGH we have been through all this a few times now Taylor Wimpey seem unable to process the fact that Barry residents are not at all keen on them building on Green farm.

Barry high streets have opportunity to shine

11:40am Thursday 28th August 2014

THE deadline is fast approaching. Our shopping areas in Barry have the opportunity to participate in the Great British High Street competition. Entries must be submitted in August so I am calling on the local partnership and town teams to nominate retail areas in Barry - whether old or new, high profile or a best kept secret - to be in with a chance of winning £50,000 of prize money and support from leading industry professionals.

Island Abomination

Barry And District News: VIEW FROM BELOW: A promenade perspective

11:36am Thursday 28th August 2014

AS a local resident I would also like to add my dismay at the council’s abomination on the eastern promenade.

Hospital shouldn’t close for NATO

11:32am Thursday 28th August 2014

WITH the security operation for the NATO Summit in full swing, the security fence being erected around various parts of Cardiff, M4, Newport etc, the deployment of some 9500 police officers, where on earth they got all these from with all the cuts and redundancies/

Who makes NATO call?

9:53am Thursday 28th August 2014

WHY do the NATO leaders need such a large wall to ‘protect’ themselves? If these world ‘leaders’ really are working on behalf and with their citizens surely they would be amongst us shaking our hands and we would be waving flags pleased to greet them. Why do 150 delegates require 10,000 police officers, some armed with guns to protect them? Why do they need to stop tens of thousands of people from earning a living, crippling our economy still further? Why do they need to stop children gaining their education and why do they need to undermine people’s health by preventing operations being carried out at the Capitals largest hospital? Who is this conference really benefitting and why are we, the people of Wales letting them get away with such a blatant waste of our resources? NATO really does need to take a long hard look at itself. It has moved a long way from its motivations aiming to keep peace after the Second World War. It has now developed a ‘protectionist’ policy supplying and using 70 percent of the world’s weapons. No wonder it has to barricade itself into places. In recent times it has been directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths and displacement of millions of human citizens. Do we need an organisation like this in our beautiful country?

The Vale Show

9:37am Thursday 28th August 2014

WE JOINED the crowds last week to go to the wonderful Vale Show.

Scrap the Severn Bridge Tolls

9:35am Thursday 28th August 2014

THIS week, I joined Kirsty Williams and other Welsh Liberal Democrats to launch our campaign to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls when the bridges come back into public ownership. This would put money straight back into commuters’ pockets – someone using the bridge daily pays over £1,500 a year just to get to work.

Repair work only for NATO

9:35am Thursday 28th August 2014

FURTHER to my recently published letter regarding the continued failure to adequately assess and repair Park Rd. in Barry; I notice on my daily commute through the Vale, that potential repairs and potholes which have previously been marked up (usually weeks but in many cases months ago); with the infamous yellow paint, and which are located to the west of the airport exit, remain unrepaired. But the roads from and to the east of the airport – even where there was no previously painted yellow ‘graffiti’ - have been patched.

More headaches caused by NATO

9:33am Thursday 28th August 2014

I FELT compelled to write following the recent articles and letters in the previous week’s papers regarding the local council’s decision to close our schools when the NATO conference will potentially be disrupting transport both in and around the county, when it takes place at The Celtic Manor, Newport.

Do the public get a say ?

Barry And District News: UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Barry Island beach huts

8:51am Thursday 28th August 2014

IT'S BECOMING something of an ongoing topic within the news / Internet etc that the beach huts will not be ready until who knows when !!

Modern is not always better

3:06pm Friday 22nd August 2014

I NOTICE that the new construction on the old cinema site is nearly complete and I have to say when you approach from the old bus station it reminds me of me of one of my grandson's lego creations, when compared to the old cinema building its seems that modern is not always better.

Damage to dinosaur footprint

8:42am Friday 22nd August 2014

I READ the article in last week's paper concerning the 200 million year old dinosaur foot prints at the Bendricks. We have been very proud of these footprints and have tried to keep them quiet as people like the person that wrote the article have focused much attention on them, in my opinion causing them to be the focus of many people trying to retrieve them over the years.

Porthkerry Park rangers

3:10pm Thursday 21st August 2014

ACCORDING to the Vale council E-Newsletter Friday 15/08/2014, ‘Rangers’ at Porthkerry Park are asking for volunteers to do their job, clearing rubbish.

Campaign to save our democracy

3:03pm Thursday 21st August 2014

DAVID Cameron likes to portray himself as defender of British sovereignty in dealings with the EU.

Council cuts

1:49pm Thursday 21st August 2014

The Vale council has now announced that the Vale can look forward to over £32million worth of savings over the next three years,and they have stated that nothing is free from scrutiny.

I am listening

1:45pm Thursday 21st August 2014

I WOULD like to respond to a letter that I have received regarding issues in the Bassett area of the Court ward.

Strawberry Tea

Barry And District News: SUCCESS: The Strawberry Tea attracted many people to support their fundraising

11:32am Thursday 21st August 2014

ON Sunday, August 4 we held our 8th annual Strawberry Tea in aid of Breast Cancer. In glorious sunshine 70 people attended the Garden Party at 2 Priory Gardens, Barry.

Barry regeneration

8:39am Thursday 21st August 2014

In 2010, when Plaid Cymru was in charge of regeneration at the Welsh Government, Barry was given Strategic Regeneration Area status and £9.8m of funding.

Jane Hutt AM view from the Assembly

8:17am Thursday 21st August 2014

TODAY is a big day for GCSE students here in the Vale of Glamorgan and across Wales. Best of luck to all who are awaiting their exam results.

Dangerous security measures in place

8:11am Thursday 21st August 2014

CAN somebody please tell me what idiot decided to put security fencing along part of the M4 corridor and erect it on the wrong side of the barriers? What on earth is going to happen now if, for argument sake, a young mother breaks down on this part of the M4 with young children in the car? These barriers are put there for her and our protection from oncoming traffic should we break down, we stand behind the barriers. If you ask me security for these non entity politicians has gone much too far, we the ordinary Joe public have once again been made to suffer gross inconvenience so a few politicians can spout a load of hot air and no action. It’s just one massive jolly paid for by the taxpayer. Who will take the rap if some poor soul is killed waiting for recovery if he or she cannot stand behind the barriers. I have no doubt that Obama’s protection squad will be on full alert when informed a mother has broken down on the M4 with young children in the car. As far as I am concerned the sooner this lot of shambolic politicians leave Wales the better.

Photographic society appeals for new members

2:51pm Monday 18th August 2014

THROUGH the medium of your newspaper, I would like pose a question to your readership: "if your house was burning down, what item would you grab?" the answer was traditionally "the family photograph album".

Take steps to reduce your risk

8:38am Sunday 17th August 2014

I AM writing to let your readers know that up to 80 per cent of type 2 diabetes cases could be delayed or prevented by eating more healthily and getting more exercise.

Amusing error

9:16am Saturday 16th August 2014

AN interesting letter by Miles Punter regarding the parking at Pencoedtre Park because of the splash park. I found it very amusing that the Director of Visible and Housing Services used a photograph that is not the splash park at Pencoedtre.

Will potholes ever be filled?

2:34pm Friday 15th August 2014

I HAVE electronic copies of letters sent to the Barry & District News which are over 3 years old, relating to the poor condition of Park Road and Porth Y Castell. But to date no work, other than patching, has been undertaken there.

School closures for NATO

10:11am Friday 15th August 2014

SOME weeks ago, I questioned why local schools were closing during the NATO Summit being held at the Celtic Manor, Newport.

Money raised for charities

8:33am Friday 15th August 2014

IT was my pleasure recently to open my garden for a week long book and ceramic sale. Sadly few people came but those who did bought not only books but some of my ceramic seconds. By augmenting the total, I have managed to send £100 to both the Motor Neurone Association and Tenovus charities. All the books not sold have been boxed up and distributed amongst various charities and good causes.

Information on school photo needed

Barry And District News: MY MOTHER passed away recently (aged 80 in Coventry) and going through her effects found this photo, she lived in Colcot and she appears to be 14/15 yrs at school - so think it's late 1940's 1947/1948ishI would love to see if anyone remembers or c

8:29am Friday 15th August 2014

MY MOTHER passed away recently (aged 80 in Coventry) and going through her effects found this photo. She lived in Colcot and she appears to be 14/15 yrs at school - so think it's late 1940's, 1947/1948ish

Love Wales? Vote Keep Wales Tidy!

2:26pm Thursday 14th August 2014

AS CHIEF Executive of Wales’ leading environmental, I’m delighted to tell your readers that Keep Wales Tidy has been shortlisted as one of Tesco’s potential charities to receive their 5p bag levy charge over the coming year and now the final decision is down to the public.

Weekly Reflections by June Pooley

12:23pm Thursday 14th August 2014

THE English word 'friend' comes from the same root as the word freedom.

Superb show at Barry Festival

8:30am Thursday 14th August 2014

ON July 31, during the Barry Festival, myself and three friends visited Barry Island Sports and Social Club to see the Forte Cabaret Showcase, and what a great evening it was. The choice of music and talent of the singers were second to none, a full night of pure entertainment and we can’t wait to see their next show.

Reunion for Woolworth workers

Barry And District News: REUNION: If you worked at Woolworth Department Store there will be a reunion on August 30

8:21am Thursday 14th August 2014

MY name is Miss Wendy Lynne Bryan but to many people I am best known by my middle name Lynne. I found the photographs above and they were a blast from the past. They were taken almost thirty years ago, back in November 1984, at the local Barry Woolworth Department Store at 135 Holton Road, Barry.

Residents against Council merger

10:18am Thursday 7th August 2014

THE Barry and District News and Penarth Times website reported that a poll of 600 residents in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan revealed “strong opposition to Welsh Government plans for a merger”. What the report failed to say was who conducted the poll; who commissioned it; what questions were asked, and how 608 responses out of a population of more than 472,000 were selected? The conclusion drawn from this ‘survey’ was that almost two thirds opposed the proposal to merge Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan councils.

Brilliant BillBoard performance

8:59am Thursday 7th August 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to all the cast and crew of The Wedding Singer performed by BillBoard Ensemble at Barry Memorial Hall.

Parking at Pencoedtre Park

Barry And District News: The popular Splashpad attracts visitors from all over

8:54am Thursday 7th August 2014

AN ARTICLE in last week’s paper stated that the council felt parking restrictions would “guarantee” a solution to problems around the Pencoedtre Splash Pad.

Give credit where it's due

8:25am Thursday 7th August 2014

"PLAGIARISM is the wrongful appropriation, stealing and publication of another author's language, thoughts, ideas or expressions and the representation of them as one's own original work" - Wikipedia.

Thank you for enjoyable Folk Festival

8:23am Thursday 7th August 2014

I WOULD like to say a huge thank you to the organisers of the folk festival day at Barry Island social club that took place on Saturday, August 2 as part of Barry Arts Week. What a brilliant day of folk music from some of the best musicians. I had the best day of the summer so far. The Arts festival is a brilliant event that keeps getting better every year. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Planning query

8:22am Thursday 7th August 2014

I write over the Dyfan Road, open space questioning whether it is lawful?

Distress over court report

8:13am Thursday 7th August 2014

I AM writing this to express my displeasure of a report in last week’s Barry & District News.

Thanks for support

8:09am Thursday 7th August 2014

I'D like to thank all readers who have and continue to support our local BHF shops from those who have donated items, purchased goods or given their time to volunteer. You have all have contributed to our Barry shop’s success.

Watchtower Bay

7:57am Thursday 7th August 2014

EVER since the closure of the Knap Pool I’ve been swimming at Watchtower Bay, a number of years ago the council instead of installing access gates for pedestrians there, similar to the ones at the slipway at Sully beach placed large blocks of concrete and stone on the only flat pathway onto the beach, this pathway was always used by people with children in pushchairs and disabled people for access. The excuse given by the person who was giving instructions to workmen placing these blocks there, was that it was to stop jet ski users from getting onto the beach and launching their craft. Over the last three years I have not seen any jet skiers even attempting to launch their craft at Watchtower Bay, but I have seen and helped a number of disabled to lift their chairs over the slabs and get down onto the beach.

Pupils complete art attack on former court building site

Barry And District News: PAINT JOB: Pupils liven up building site decor

7:25am Saturday 2nd August 2014

PUPILS at a Barry primary school got permission to paint on a former court site minus risk of reprimand.

PACT meeting

7:20am Friday 1st August 2014

GIBBONSDOWN PACT public meeting will be held at The Residents Board Office, Coychurch Rise on Tuesday, August 12, at 10.30am.

Penarth and District Ramblers

10:19am Thursday 31st July 2014

MEETING at the Twyn in the centre of Dinas Powys on a beautiful summer’s evening a group of ten walkers with leader Val Hartrey and Alfie the dog prepared to take a jaunt through some of the new mixture of metal and wooden kissing gates that have been installed and now make the passageway along the public footpaths between the village and Michaelston much easier to negotiate.

Streets in disgraceful condition

7:32am Thursday 31st July 2014

FOLLOWING the paper’s recent coverage of streets strewn with litter (letters, Barry & District News, July 24), I write with another concern.

Wildlife reserve tips

7:32am Thursday 31st July 2014

A GOOD wildlife garden is more than just a corner of a garden left to go wild. Whether you are creating a new wildlife garden, or have an established one, think of it as a nature reserve and you are the warden. Here are ten wildlife friendly tips to get your own wildlife reserve under way:

What's gone wrong?

7:31am Thursday 31st July 2014

HOW much of an embarrassment it is for the Labour-led Vale Council for the beach huts not to be ready for this summer season.

Seashore party

7:30am Thursday 31st July 2014

ON Friday, July 18, the Thyroid Cancer Support Group Wales held their annual fundraising summer party night at the function room, Seashore Cafe Bar and Grill, Swanbridge.

Mobile unit for drinks would be welcome

7:15am Thursday 31st July 2014

I WONDER if the council would consider situating a mobile unit for hot/cold drinks with ice cream at Jackson’s Bay.

Big thank you

7:14am Thursday 31st July 2014

I AM writing to say a great big thank you to all the staff at Colcot primary school in Barry.

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