Barry Romilly entertained title challengers Troedyrhiw at Romilly Park on Saturday for their final league game expecting a hard game which proved the case.

From the outset Romilly found the going tough but were only one down by the fifth end although this was mainly due to Brian Foscolo’s rink who were in superb form and ahead by 12 – 0 at this stage.

The Romilly rinks of Mike Doyle, Mel Newman and Jeff Wright were struggling against their opponents and by the tenth end Romilly were13 behind even with Foscolo’s rink still holding a ten shot advantage.

The Troedyrhiw players were in tremendous form especially Welsh International Liam Stone who was skipping the rink against Mel Newman and showed his class pulling of some incredible shots to lead by 17 shots by the fifteenth end.

Romilly Skips Jeff Wright and Mike Doyle were also playing second fiddle to Troedyrhiw skips Lee Morgan and Richie Davies and were behind 11 and eight shots respectively, also at end 15 Foscolo’s rink of Jeff Coles, Phil Herbert and Fred Phillips continued to play well and were still ahead by seven shots.

With the deficit of 31 shots overall Romilly appeared to lose heart as their opponents piled on the pressure even Foscolo’s rink started to succumb to some excellent bowls from their opponents with skip Dai ‘Bomber’ Jones to the fore and although two up going into the final end it took Foscolo with his final bowl to draw second shot when four down to hold out for single shot victory.

The other Romilly rinks continued to leak shots and the final score was a resounding victory for the visitors by 47 – 103 with two points for Romilly and Twelve to Troedyrhiw.

Special mention must go to Phil Herbert who was brought in at the last minute to play his first game for the Romilly Club Side having only played occasionally for the ‘A’ team and he acquitted himself very well putting in some fine bowls whilst playing on the only winning rink.

Rink Scores Romilly First :-

M Doyle 12 v 29 R W Davies

J Wright 9 v 24 L Morgan

M Newman 6 v 31 L Stone

B Foscolo 20 v D K Jones