Completing a busy month on the tournament circuit, students of the Cadoxton School of Taekwondo competed in the second of a four WOMAA British Grand Prix Series hosted by Mal Johns in the Western leisure centre Cardiff.

Our 12 competitors brought home 7 Gold, 9 Silver & 6 Bronze medals between them 22 in total, we are now rebuilding a good Squad of young, hard working and dedicated students.

The tournament got underway with the Cadoxton School completing a clean sweep in the beginners/intermediate patterns with Ethan Andrus taking 1st, Lucia Cunningham 2nd and Cameron Evans taking the 3rd places.

Then onto the Advanced Junior patterns once again the Cadoxton School doing well with Joel Wells tanking 1st and Jessie Blackley 2nd place. In the advanced adults Anita Sheppard took second place. Next was the weapon section where once again the Cadoxton School came out on top in the beginners/intermediate section Ethan Andrus took 1st with Cameron Evans the 3rd, in the Advanced Junior Cody Jacobsen took 1st and Jessica Blackley taking the 2nd place not to be left out Anita Sheppard took 2nd place in the Advanced adults weapons.

Once the traditional forms and Weapon categories were completed the point and continuous sparring categories got underway. We had competitors in all of the categories; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, continuing his improvement Cameron Evans took 2nd in his continuous and 3rd place in the point sparring categories.

In the same continuous sparring category we had Jake Quigley, Cody Jacobsen and Joel Wells all three fought their way into the finals Jake just missing out while Cody and Joel fought for 2nd and 3rd place this time around Cody took 2nd and Joel the 3rd place. Also in the same Continuous and point girls category we had Lucia Cunningham and Jessie Blackley, both girls got into the final of the continuous with Lucia taking 1st place and Jessie the 2nd. Jessie then went on to take gold and 1st place in the girls point sparring. Thea Cunningham who fought through to the final of the girls continuous sparring just lost out on 1st place came away with a credible 2nd.

Mad Madison Allen fought her way into both the girls continuous and point sparring categories, where she took 1st in the continuous and the 3rd in the point sparring. Taking part in his first tournament we had young Deagan Stockford, Deagan gave a good account of himself coming away with 3rd place in the continuous sparring.