The two local bowling clubs met in a Munro Cup match, with hosts Barry Romilly, eager to build on an opening victory in the competition, winning by 31 shots to pick up 12 out of 14 points.

Although trailing on three rinks after nine ends, Romilly led 31-28, with Mike Doyle’s rink ahead at 12-3.

In some close games, the Romilly rink skipped by G Cogbill held off a fight back from Millwood’s Roger Jones to win 18-14, while Brian Foscolo’s four were edged out 12-14 by Millwood's Alan Bumford. Doyle’s four continued their good form to win 27-5 and Fred Phillips' rink, although being behind by five shots after nine ends to Millwood’s Peter Taylor, scored 15 shots to three over the last nine ends to win 20-13.

Rink scores (Romilly names first): Dave Noble, Rhodri Phillips, P Gershenson, F Phillips 20, R Gregory, R Wills, G Stone, P Taylor 13; D Mottram, Rhys Phillips, G Rees, M Doyle 27, C Mallows, P Childs, T Howells, J Slee 5; C Tapscott, B Cheal, B Gough, G Cogbill 18, K Thomas, H Hodgkinson, K Mills, R Jones 14; A Jones, A Woolcock, D Bannister, B Foscolo 12, A Annis, B Howcroft, M Williams, A Bumford 14. Romilly 77, Millwood 46.


After last week's reverse against Kenfig Hill, Barry Romilly travelled to Pencoed for further Carruthers Shield action and made some positional changes in an effort to gain some ideas for rinks in forthcoming important league fixtures.

On a tricky green, with the wind causing all sorts of problems, Pencoed led by one shot after five ends and increased this to six at 10 ends.

Mel Newman’s rink, which was leading early on, hit a black hole to drop 17 shots from end nine to16 without any reply, whilst

Graham Cogbill's rink offset this reverse with eight shots to one over ends 12-18. Although three behind at the 14th end, Jeff Wright's four scored 10 shots to two over the last seven ends to win by three shots. One behind at the 16th end, Fred Phillips' rink suffered a six-shot deficit over ends 17 to 20 as Romilly lost overall by one shot.

Romilly (rink scores): P Gershenson, R Hewitson, M Doyle, G Cogbill 20-10; M Gershenson, J Coles, B Foscolo, J Wright 18-15; A Bryan, T Bloomfield, C Collins, M Newman 18-27; G Eastment, G Rees, G Trepleton, F Phillips13-18. Pencoed 70, Romilly 69.

Barry Romilly ‘A’ were due to play an SVLA cup game against Cadoxton ‘A’ at Romilly Park, but the visitors were unable to raise a side.