FIFTEEN students from the Rising-Sun-Kyokushin-Karate Club took part in a grading at their local dojo (club), the Barry island community centre, on Wednesday, April 15 .

Students endured a gruelling three-hour intensive session taken by Shihan David Lundregan 5th Dan

Senior student promotions were Matt Belby 6th kyu, Des Brown 6th kyu and Jon Mitchell 7kyu.

Junior student promotions were Max Ladner and Ciaron Kerr 7th kyu, Kieran Hartwell 6th kyu, George Cocks 5th kyu, Akash Benny 5th kyu, David Johnson 5th kyu, Conner Dembury 8th kyu, Ben Antony 8th kyu, Daniel Nicholls 9th kyu, Maize ladner 9th kyu, Jayden Roberts 10th kyu, Thomas Palmer 10th kyu.

Students had prepared for the grading since January taking part in extra classes put on by instructors, Senpai Spencer Bennett and Senpai Ian Nicholas to ensure that all students were up to the required level.

The Rising Sun Kyokushin Karate club are associated with the British Kyokushinkai Karate organization. Shihan Dave Lundregan told all students the expectation level of the organization was very high, and the grading system in place a long drawn out process so that each grade achieved meant a lot.

Candidates endured the uke, tskui and geri waza (blocking, punching and kicking techniques) up and down the line. After basic technique they were put into groups to perform kumite (free sparring) with all successfully completing the task.

Instructors, Senpai Spencer Bennett said: “After a successful night of solid kyokushin all the students went away with a feeling of achievement, with some knowing that extra hard work was needed at the dojo for the next grading in July.

“In recognition of the junior sections hard work and achievement the rising sun karate club is going to put on a Parent / guardian training night to allow the parents / guardians to have a better understanding of how difficult a basic kyokushin karate lesson can be.”

Anyone wishing to train with the club can try a free first lesson - either Monday 6.30pm to 7.30pm juniors and seniors 7.30pm to 9pm; or Wednesday 6.30pm – (age 4-6) juniors 7pm to 8pm juniors and seniors 8pm to 9.30pm.

The club is affiliated to the BKK (British Karate Kyokushinkai) and IFK (International Federation of Karate).

For details, visit Facebook, visit their or call Spencer on 07825 788955.