FOLLOWING its formation in July last year, Phoenix Freestyle, whose base is the Old School Hall, Sully, has held its first grading for members.

Phoenix Freestyle is an amalgam of karate and boxing, with an emphasis also placed on self defence, particularly for children.

The successful individuals had been training for just six months and those attaining their yellow striped belts were Josh Edwards, Cameron Edwards, Joseph Hobbs, Aaron Coborn and Ioan Cain. Nieve Edwards, who is only six and who has attended every class since the club started, also received a special award for her enthusiasm. Nieve will be able to grade during the next set of gradings in the summer.

Club instructor Michael Morgan was particularly pleased with the level of discipline and technical ability displayed by all students.

There was a high emphasis placed on fitness and conditioning and it was pleasing to see all students displaying great determination in what was a physically challenging grading. Michael has also trained in several other martial arts, including kickboxing, which he does currently with Welsh champion Mal Caldicot.

The current club has assumed its name from the first martial arts club - Phoenix Karate Club - that Michael trained at in the late 1970s/early 1980s. The instructor was Norman Holloway who gained much success with students on the tournament circuit at that time. And Michael would like to get back in touch with Norman who he believes lives in the Barry area.

Anyone wishing to train at Phoenix Freestyle can contact Michael at or 07790 013967.