ON FEBRUARY 4, I was lucky enough to be one of the 750 or so ticket holders who attended the best night out in a while.

The Vale Sports Arena off Penarth Road hosted the first of many (I hope) well executed, super events.

Keyboard Warriors began as friendly banter via social media. Jamie Butler and Jimmy Camilleri – two local boys – began something so big no one could have predicted its enormity and success.

Under the steady guidance and unwavering professionalism of Alan Lamb, local baker and well know boxing coach, along with corner men Lee Froud, Leon Lamb and their teams, Jamie Butler, Jimmy Camilleri, Glenn Price, Steven Davies, Dean Brailsford, Michael Cutajar, Casey Thompson, Will Lewis, Dean Lewis, Nathan Cayton, Andrew Hurley, Kyed Ahmed, Nigel Batt, Gareth Griffiths, Steen Ross, Neil Avient, Ryan Butler, Milan Bjegovic, Anthony Lewis and Mikey Harris took each other on in the ring.

The event was superbly organised, the atmosphere electric.

People volunteered their skills and helped out in all areas. We also mustn’t forget the lads who trained so hard to raise a staggering £13,060 for the worthy charity Ty Hafan. Jamie’s mum works for Ty Hafan so he has seen all too well how Ty Hafan relies on donations like this.

The next time you hear people making unfounded derogatory remarks about Barry remind them that just under 1,000 Barry and local people gathered that night and there wasn’t a hint of trouble.

In fact all the comments I have heard are that of praise and positivity of what can be achieved as when it matters Barry people unite – FACT.

I speak on behalf of most people I’m sure when I say you are all champions in our eyes. Win, lose or draw you all deserve a medal. I am immensely proud of Barry town and its people.

When’s the next one then boys? I can’t wait.

Emma Jane Brown

Salisbury Road