I NOTE that once again Vale Council leader Neil Moore has been trying to justify the good deeds the council have done over the past few years.

Mr Moore mentions education and the so-called £85 million spent in the school investment programme.

Mr Moore must have forgotten to mention the job cuts that he has made to staff over this period, including teachers.

Mr Moore makes great play in stating once again that the Vale council has for the past two years been assessed as the best performing council in Wales, he praises the dedication of the staff and commitment of the staff.

He also states that there has been a marked difference in the way the people think about the Vale council. He believes that there is more pride and confidence than before.

Oh, really? I have spoken to many, many people on the achievements of this Vale council and a lot of the comments I get you cannot print.

I don’t need to go on about all the cuts, services, and charges this council has heaped on the people of the Vale, but one last point.

It has been mentioned that the funding for the Christmas lights in High Street may not appear this year as Neil Moore has slashed the funding by £1,500.

Could our wonderful leader then kindly explain then, if he is cutting this money, how can he justify spending £30,000 of taxpayers’ money on computer tablets for councillors.

I always thought that when we elect politicians it is for them to serve and protect the people, it would seem that this council only seems fit to serve and protect itself.

DJ Radford

Coleridge Crescent