REGARDING the premature construction of the controversial incinerator on the Barry Waterfront, whose lunatic idea was it to site it so close, not only to long-established homes, but also to the thousands of new homes in the docks redevelopment?

As I understand it, the wood chippings to be incinerated are not just going to be “clean” untreated wood, but will have been treated with paint, adhesives, preservatives and other chemical coatings.

Do we have full details of the proposed equipment and measures being used to prevent air pollution and particulate fallout?

What about PM 2.5s (particles of 2.5 microns and less) which can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs?

There are 12 schools within a kilometre radius of the site – the immediate fallout zone –- where growing children could be affected with who knows what health problems later in life.

Has the council’s air pollution team given this due consideration? If so, what were their conclusions?

I note that the planning application has been turned down in the past, so it seems cavalier of Biomass UK to be at the construction stage now without permission.

Andy Griffiths

Independent candidate

Court ward