IT'S BECOMING something of an ongoing topic within the news / Internet etc that the beach huts will not be ready until who knows when !!

But at the same time, whilst the council should have ensured they would be ready in time and on budget, I'd like to ask who actually decides on these entire schemes ?

I'm certainly not denying it all looks great and the plans originally looked exciting, I'm sure they remain exciting and will look fantastic even if they are months behind and 100s of thousands over budget.....

But whilst millions have been spent on this project our Town and most importantly the people of Barry are crying out for a number of amenities, whether it be a cinema, a new lido, holiday accomodation or whatever, everybody has an opinion on What's needed, but do they get heard, do they get a say ?

NO ! - we now have 20 odd beach huts, a re-surfaced car park and a traversing wall, for the millions spent ( 3 -4m) you have to ask will the proceeds from these "attractions" even cover the ongoing annual maintenance costs they will incur. ?? - answers on a postcard please !

Name and address supplied