CONGRATULATIONS to all the cast and crew of The Wedding Singer performed by BillBoard Ensemble at Barry Memorial Hall.

It was a brilliant performance, full of energy and inspiration. So good in fact we went twice.

However we were disappointed that the bar was closed before the end of the show which discouraged the audience from waiting for the cast to congratulate them and have a chat. As this was a local show, friends and family of the cast would have really enjoyed meeting up afterwards. This always happened in past years. Apparently the current management of the Memorial say it’s not worth keeping the bar open. It is obvious that they are just thinking about the money and not community spirit. Is the management aware that Barry Memorial Hall is the only theatre in South Wales which closes its bar before the end of a show?

Also many of the audience were unable to buy a drink in the interval due to the fact that there were only two people serving behind the bar and unable to serve all the customers who had been waiting for fifteen minutes.

In addition, it was extremely hot in the auditorium due to the air conditioning having broken down and not repaired in time. We were almost melting in the audience but more importantly, I really felt for the cast who were visibly suffering but continued on the show brilliantly. Well done BillBoard.

Let’s hope things are different for Barry’s next local company Superstars who will be performing Hairspray later this month.

Deryn Grigg

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