IN a few weeks time we will have heads of state arriving in Wales for a NATO summit.

A massive jolly for those attending and a probable massive cost to us UK taxpayers on security transport and banquets. And now we have had an announcement from health minister Mark Drakeford that he has sanctioned that all heads of state, officials and others will be receiving free NHS treatment. This is once again showing contempt for the general public. How dare he give carte blanche to these people to use our NHS for free. The NHS in Wales is in a chronic state, our own people are struggling to get doctors appointments, and if you are really ill you will probably be stuck in an ambulance for four hours.You can certainly bet your bottom dollar that if the likes of Obama or Merkel are taken ill it will be a police escort to A&E or a helicopter flight straight to hospital, and do you think these people will be waiting four hours to be seen, not on your nelly. Certainly if they are taken ill then yes they must be treated but on no account must they jump the queue they must wait their turn like everyone else, then they must be presented with the bill. How dare Mark Drakeford give these people free entry to our NHS. If you were sick on Obama's patch they would want your credit card details before they treated you, so let him and the rest of them pay for any treatment.

On another point several schools have been told to close while this jolly is on. Only a few weeks ago there were issues with parents taking children out of school during term time and are now facing court fines for doing so. So its ok to close schools when you have heads of state visiting for a few days, but you can't take your kids on holiday during term time. Talk about rank hypocrisy. Parents now have a valid reason to take their kids away during term time. If it's good enough to close schools for these heads of state then its good enough for parents to take their kids on holidays during term time. Both ways they are missing education.

D J Radford

Coleridge Crescent