ONCE again the Vale Council made up its mind and thrown away the last item on the promenade at Barry Island that must have cost £1000’s to provide.

The first to go was the Promenade Archway, which was the entrance to the prom, I don’t know how much that cost but when it was made it should have been galvanised to stop the sea air from rusting it and then painted, but it wasn’t and it rusted and was removed. The weather vane in the centre of the promenade square also rusted in the same way and seized up, it was taken down and scrapped, that was second item to go and now he mosaic that was so badly damaged that it couldn’t be repaired has gone to be replaced by clock paving.

I remember that when a road show that brought tens of thousands of people to the Island asked they could make a return visit they were refused because of the damage they might do to the mosaic. Now the mosaic has gone, if they ask could they make a comeback trip to the Island prom, would they get permission? I doubt it!

Another question that I would like answered is: Councillors allowances were based on a percentage of salary of the chief executive, now the new one is receiving less than the former, does this mean that the councillors allowances have dropped or have they turned a blind eye to this fact and have kept their former allowances.

Tom Clemett

Church Road