I ORGANISE return visits back to the Egyptian Canal Zone where I also served in the 1950s along with thousands of other personnel.

I know that many service people who live in the area were stationed there during the troubled times of the1950s.

Many of our service personnel died and are buried in the cemeteries that we visit: Ismailia - Fayid - Moascar - tel-el-kebir.

I will take photos of any friends or loved ones graves if any readers would like me to (complimentary).

Also if anyone would like to join us on our next group visit in November from 5-14, I still have a few places left and will send full details. I can be contacted via address, telephone number or email below.

We will be visiting Cairo and staying at a hotel in Ismailia overlooking Lake Timsa and visiting other places in the Canal Zone.

I am limited to 25 places on this reunion visit due to the fact it is still a Military Restricted area - spouses are welcome. This will be our last visit to the Egyptian Canal Zone due to age and health reasons.

Alf Avison

Middle East Land Forces Association

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PE11 9NS

Telephone: 07814 832441

Email: alfavison@talktalk.net