SO our wonderful CONLIB coalition Government are now looking to crack down hard on welfare cheats by making greater use of Bailiffs, and to force them to sell their homes to pay back the taxpayer.

Mr Duncan Smith the work and pensions secretary is hoping to save around 50 billion pounds over five years. What perfect timing perhaps their first customer could be Maria Miller the culture secretary. It was wildly put around that she owed the taxpayer £45,000 but was only required to pay £5,800. This is scandalous you cannot expect one rule for some and different rules for politicians. This woman has made a complete mockery of her position and she should be sacked. I note that a Labour MP has requested that Scotland Yard investigate Ms Miller good on him. The whole political establishment in this country needs a complete overhaul. Why on earth is the taxpayer funding these MPs, why are they so different to everybody else, all payments in allowances and expenses must be abolished just pay them their wages and nothing else, if that's not good enough then tough go find a job somewhere else and fiddle.

D J Radford

Coleridge Crescent