LAST weekend’s promotion for Barry Town United is a real rags to riches story for a club that has overcome great difficulties in the past twelve months.

Almost a year ago the then-owner of Barry Town withdrew the club from the Welsh League and the club was forced to go to court against the Football Association of Wales to secure a place in the league’s third division – two below where they played last season.

It is a testament to the fighting spirit and loyalty of the supporters, players and management, Gavin and Hannah Chesterfield in particular, that the club has managed to thrive since those battles were put behind them last summer.

A tense battle awaits Barry Town United for the league title in the next few weeks, but, twenty years on from Barry Town’s famous Welsh Cup victory over Cardiff City and a decade since relegation from the Welsh Premier, the club now has the chance to go from strength to strength.

Let’s hope that all sports and clubs across Barry and the Vale continue to grow and improve in the coming years.

Cllr Ian Johnson

Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales

Gladstone Road