WALKING up Tynewydd Road one day last week with my pet dog Renee, I spotted a pair of abandoned Ugg boots on the pavement.

Renee the greyhound immediately realised they were not boots but real live fluffy bunnies who had escaped from a local garden and were about to wander out onto the main road.

Renee turned from the dark side and used her old rabbit hunting skills for good and started rabbit herding. We managed to get between the long haired rabbits and the main road and chaperon them back in to a front garden and then closed the gate. We knocked a few front doors and reunited the escaping rabbits with their flabbergasted owner.

Having seen the whole thing our local Lollypop man who helps the children cross at St Helen's Junior School commented that at first he was worried that he might have been losing his marbles and had started seeing things.

My retired racing greyhound Renee is now wondering if there is perhaps a new career for her on “One Man and his Dog”?

Jon Trew

Tynewydd Road