LAST week the Vale Conservative group tabled a motion in full council opposing a merger with Cardiff, as recommended by a recent Welsh Government commissioned report.

We didn’t do this to protect our own jobs, nor was it done because we oppose attempts to streamline local government in Wales. We did it because we firmly believe that a return to the bad-old days of ‘South Glamorgan’ would be a disaster for the Vale.

The cost of politics needs to be reduced and we have to find ways, as a council to save money – and to ensure that we spend every penny of your money wisely. But submerging the Vale into a Greater Cardiff region will put our towns and villages at a disadvantage, heightening competition for limited funding, and lead to the decimation of our green areas as we take on a greater share of housing to meet Cardiff’s much greater need.

Like Cllr Clarke I was angry that residents were hit by the council with a huge council tax rise but the way to prevent that from happening again is to campaign for fair funding from the Welsh Labour Government – not to merge our council with our much larger neighbours.

Cllr John Thomas,

Leader, Vale of Glamorgan Conservative Group