ALTHOUGH I support the need to reduce the number of local authorities in Wales, I am concerned about the Welsh Government trying to rush this through.

For a start we do not know exactly how much this will cost and how much savings will be made by reducing the number.

It is important that we have a full debate on this matter and that the public are consulted as service delivery could also be affected by the proposals. At a time of cuts we need to know just exactly how these changes would make a difference to our communities.

To me it does seem that the Williams Report has been put together in a rushed way without any thought on the real impact. For example, has he really taken into consideration the job losses that are likely to come from this?

We really do not have much choice under the cuts from the Welsh Government but to see a reduction in the size of our councils, but we must make sure we get it right. I would also suggest that we have voting reform implemented before any changes actually take place so we do not see an unhealthy one party rule in Wales.

Cllr Richard Bertin (Ind)

Vale of Glamorgan Council