IN reply to the letter from Christopher Short – ‘Deferred until when?’ (Barry & District News, January 10) and ‘Dithering on traveller site’ (www.barryanddistrictnews. He states that ‘the refusal of the Vale Council to remove the development of a traveller camp out of the LDP and proceed with it as a separate issue’ is news to him, as he has followed this issue closely in relation to both Sully and Llangan.

The ‘request for consideration’ was presented by County Cllr Bob Penrose and supported by representations from County Cllr Mahoney, Sully and Lavernock Community Council, and Beechwood College, Sully, to the Vale of Glamorgan Council Scrutiny Economy and Environment Committee on October 9, 2012, and subsequently brought before Cabinet on November 5, 2012, who confirmed the decision of the Scrutiny Committee.

I did attend both meetings and the minutes of these meetings can be found on the Vale Council website. This action, the proceedings and the result, were reported widely in the local press at the time and therefore this information would have been available and ‘news’ to any interested party closely following the issue.

As regards to the ‘dithering on traveller site’, I, along with the residents, cannot understand why the Vale Council want this development of a permanent traveller camp to remain as part of the LDP process – which we are informed not only could take years before the LDP is finally agreed and put into operation, but that all aspects of the LDP will not be started immediately but phased in over the duration of the plan which could be up until 2026, another 13 years!

The Vale Council has already ascertained a preferred travellers site on land owned by the Vale Council and therefore a permanent travellers camp could be implemented quite quickly.

This would not only appease the ‘fuming’ residents but also place the travellers in safe and sanitary surroundings rather than the contaminated, insanitary, overcrowded and extremely dangerous conditions that they illegally inhabit at present. The Vale Council would also then have complied with Governmental recommendations set out in 2005, and this would also end rumours as to why and how these travellers were moved from the Billybanks in Penarth to Sully.

Although we have received some assistance from Elunded Parrott and Leanne Wood (Regional Assembly Members) for which we are very grateful, the residents would welcome a community meeting with the Vale Council and other parties in order to progress this issue.

But the Vale Council, our MP and other AMs appear very reluctant to attend.

Cllr Michael Garland Sully and Lavernock Community Council