ON Saturday (December 15) I had arranged and promised to take my little five-year-girl to Central Park to see Santa and his reindeer.

We went last year and she had a lovely time, although she was slightly young to remember, so this year I thought it would be lovely to see the reindeer again and enjoy a day of Christmas spirit provided by the Vale Council. How wrong I was.

The day started off with some heavy rain as forecast. However this did not deter me kitting out my little one in wellington boots and an umbrella to go and see Santa. We set off down to Central Park just after 1pm and she was extremely excited. Upon arriving we could see the snow on the ground and the snowmen so went into the park to find that’s all there was!

The reindeer had been put away into their travel box, there was no sign of Santa and all that was left standing were two snowmen and two elves carrying a box that, if you put your hand on it, lit up to say she might have been good this year but not always! The security men were taking the railings down around us and said they were closing because of the weather.

This event had been advertised for weeks and I’m positive the council get the same weather forecast as we do, so why on earth did they not provide any provision for the weather?

For example, using the library to put Santa in? At least there wouldn’t have been so many disappointed children. They have many departments within the council that could have provided waterproof shelter for Santa and the reindeer. My little girl ended up having her photo taken by me, with one lone snowman, and we left with a very sad five-year-old.

Upon leaving the park other people were arriving with their excited children, only to look through the fence to see nothing there. We walked out of the park and the gates closed behind us and that’s how they stayed for the weekend. Not only did they take the magic of Christmas away for our little ones but also took away the privilege of them being able to play in the park.

Yet again a council-run disaster. Maybe they should take a leaf out of the High Street traders’ book.

Do they not know that Santa never lets the children down! That’s what my little girl thought…

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