AN INSPIRATIONAL Barry volunteer who sacrifices his own financial gain to support a range of charitable organisations has been recognised with a national honour.

Moawia Bin-Sufyan, 35, has received a British Citizen Award for his services to the community.

The British Citizen Awards (BCAs) were launched in January 2015 to recognise exceptional individuals who make a positive impact on society. BCAs are awarded twice annually, and recognise ‘everyday’ people whose achievements may otherwise be overlooked.

Mr Bin-Sufyan has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others since the age of 15 and now performs a variety of functions at different organisations.

He also regularly lectures on issues relating to policing, counter terrorism, extremism, Islam, international charity, health, international development, diversity and community cohesion.

Mr Bin-Sufyan is one of 36 medallists who will be honoured at a ceremony at the Palace of Westminster on January 25.

All BCA recipients have selflessly undertaken various activities in support of a number of worthy causes. Each will receive a Medal of Honour, inscribed with the words ‘For the Good of the Country’. Medallists are also invited to use the initials ‘BCA’ after their name.

Speaking about his nomination, Mr Bin-Sufyan said: “I’m honoured and humbled to have been awarded the British Citizen Award.

“I have never done what I do for awards and accolades. I hope this award will show other young men and women – especially from the BME community – to get involved with charity, voluntary work and public appointments.

“Thank you to all my family, friends and mentors for all the support they have given me so I could give my time to help others.”

TV host Bradley Walsh will be among those presenting the awards later this month.

Nathan Rous, of BCA sponsor Nathan Rous PR, said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to be involved with the British Citizen awards and to hear inspirational stories such as Moawia’s. There’s so many people doing great things across the country and they deserve to be recognised.”

Mr Bin-Sufyan was nominated for a BCA by Saba Sufyan, who said: “The reason Moawia is unique is that he has achieved so much and yet he is still only 35.

“He has always stood out from the rest and has a passion for helping people. His honesty, confidence, and commitment help him to motivate and inspire others to excel, grow and develop.”