A MOTHER says she was left "speechless" after her son and his friend, out collecting 'penny for the Guy' ahead of Bonfire Night, donated the money they collected to charity.

Steph Clements' son Archie Jones, 8, and his friend Theo Christofor Ato, 9, had made their own Guy Fawkes caricature as part of the historical tradition whereby children raised money for fireworks ahead of November 5.

Ms Clements, 38, who works in the Tesco Express store on the corner between Barry Road and Main Street, had taken the pair to work so that they could show off their hard work outside the store.

"They made a couple of pounds and were quite happy," said Ms Clements.

"They decided to go up again and do it the next day, so as I work in Tesco I left them outside to collect some more."

When Ms Clements went to check on the boys, she was initially shocked and concerned to see that all of their money had gone.

"I came out to see them and they showed me an empty bucket," she said.

"I thought they’d had it pinched or something.

"Then they told me they’d given it to the man collecting for cancer so that people didn’t have to be sick anymore.

"It completely blew me away. I was absolutely speechless."

Archie and Theo had raised around £25 by the time they came to donate the money, which has gone to Cancer Research UK.

"I was so shocked they asked me if what they’d done was okay. I said of course it is!" said Ms Clements.

"I just thought that was beautiful."