A PROLIFIC poet has revealed what motivates him to write the hundreds of poems he has written about Barry and Barry Island.

Guy Fletcher, 59, said he can spend up to two hours travelling each time he journeys between his home in Cardiff and Barry, ready to compose his poems.

He contributes regularly to the Barry & District News.

Mr Fletcher, who has self-published poetry anthologies on Amazon, was formerly the deputy manager of the Cardiff University bookshop, before he retired from his work two years ago.

But having written poems since he was eight-years-old, Old Barry Harbour, Porthkerry Viaduct, The Knap Lake, and Barry Island have become his favourite themes.

Mr Fletcher said: “I think I must have written hundreds. They are based on various scenes at different times of the year. I really like winter when it’s quiet.

“When I was about five I lived in Cardiff and I really thought Barry was a long way away. Unlike the city Barry has got miles of beach. It’s a very under-rated place. It’s just beautiful.”

Explaining how he works, Mr Fletcher said: “First of all I write notes, take a few photographs and put it together like a jigsaw when I get home.

“I write about other things – like people. Some things do get discarded.

“A poem may seem really good at times especially after I’ve had a few pints, but then looking again it can seem pretentious.”

He said one of his favourite poems is Running On Whitmore Bay (see below).

“A friend used to run on Barry beach,” Mr Fletcher said. “But he can’t run anymore.”

Mr Fletcher added: “There’s no money in poetry, but publication is always good for the ego.

“The sea inspires me – it always changes. Different colours at different times of the year.

“In the sea, there’s something tranquil.

“I like going for walks on Nell’s Point and Friar’s Point away from the city.”

His book, Swimming In The Indian Ocean, is available on Amazon, priced £4.99.

l Running on Whitmore Bay

He remembers running on Whitmore Bay,

Blond hair caressed by the sea breeze

Feeling as free as the seagulls

Which skim the sparkling channel.

Now he’s trapped in a wheelchair by Bay 5 Café

Staring at the sand where he used to run,

Reminiscing under the summer sun.

He cannot recall recent events

But running days of so long ago

Are as clear to him as morning dew.

Then he had no thoughts of mortality

And he closes world-weary eyes,

Steps back in time onto the golden shore

Running swiftly on Whitmore Bay…once more.