FEARS that a currently-under-construction climbing wall on Barry Island is a health and safety risk have been dismissed by the Vale Council.

Barrie Evans, of Friar’s Road, Barry Island, slated the feature – part of the multi-million pound eastern promenade regeneration works – claiming also that a Barry Island businessman had informed him one of the beach huts had recently flooded.

Mr Evans said: “Warnings were given to the council that these huts were in a specifically susceptible storm risk zone.

“I and others watched in horror about ten years ago when the whole area of tarmac on the site these huts stand was ripped up with the power of the waves.

“This year we saw approximately 1 million tons of sand swept out to sea and the beach ramps numbers 5 and 6 weighing approximately 100 ton each were smashed in halves with the force of the tide along with huge cracks appearing in the sea wall all due to high tides and gale force winds."

He added: "To think that this project was still given the go ahead is absurd to say the least.

"Whilst the area was in agreeably urgent need of a major revamp it has been alleged that the council ignored the warnings about the serious historical weather conditions that prevail on that part of the promenade. It has been said that the development looks good and I can only agree with that statement, but how in the extreme weather conditions experienced on the eastern promenade will these beautiful looking beach huts survive?”

But the Vale Council denied the wall was a risk.

Vale Council cabinet member for regeneration, transportation and planning, Cllr Lis Burnett, said: “The traversing wall has been designed for users of all ages and abilities. Those who traverse along the lower section of the wall will do so with their feet less than a metre off the ground. There are handholds at a higher level for more competent users to try. There is no significant risk to anyone using the wall within their own ability and so there is no need to have the wall either supervised or closed off at any time.”

She added: “There is now only one element of the work left to be completed; the new toilet block. Work on the toilets will soon be finished and the revitalised eastern promenade will be open for everyone to enjoy.”

Claims that the beach huts had also suffered flooding have also been dismissed.

A Vale Council spokesman said: “There has been no flooding of the beach huts.”

A site worker told the Barry & District news the development would not be ready for this summer.

The project was originally due to be completed by the end of the 2014 financial year, in April.