FIGURES that show fewer people in south Wales being diagnosed with coronary heart disease have been welcomed by Vale MP Alun Cairns.

Mr Cairns also stressed that Cardiff Bay Ministers still needed to do more to address the crisis in cardiac care that has seen Welsh patients being sent to a private hospital in Bristol because of waiting times at NHS hospitals.

“Figures showing that fewer people in south Wales are suffering from heart disease are really positive for those living in the Vale," Mr Cairns said.

"I pay tribute to the healthcare workers across the NHS and congratulate them on providing strong and supportive care to cardiac patients.

“However, there is still much for Welsh Government Ministers to do to work on the crisis in Welsh cardiac care.

"The figures showed that problems have come to such a level that Welsh patients are being sent to a private hospital in Bristol because the waiting times are too long in the Labour-run Welsh NHS.

“Wales has seen a cut in NHS funds compared to England and the failure to meet ambulance response time targets is worrying, particularly to Barry patients.

“In May only 57.7 percent of ambulances to arrive at the scene within eight minutes in the Vale, whereas in England the result was 74.4 percent.

"It is not fair that our Constituents aren’t provided with the same standard of healthcare than those living elsewhere in the UK.

“The failure of Ambulance response times is a matter which I continuously put forward to the Welsh Government.

"Something must be done to ensure that Paramedics have full support of the Government. They work extremely hard and risk their lives for the good of others. The Welsh Government need to recognise this and address the issue.

"Delays at accident and emergency are part of the cause. These also need to be addressed.”