LABOUR candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan Chris Elmore has slammed the Tory-led UK Government for its incompetence in rolling out the flagship Universal Credit scheme which has cost the taxpayer over £600m without even being put into operation.

Councillor Elmore said: “The system designed to simplify benefit delivery has proved it does anything but.

"Plagued by IT problems and delays in rollout, this whole episode has cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions and not made one iota of difference to the benefits regime.

"Their incompetence is costing the country dearly. We need to make the social security system fairer and more robust, however the UK Government’s general ineptitude in rolling out universal credit has put that project on hold.

"Now that we have learnt that after four long years of development, the Treasury is refusing to sign off the universal credit project over grave concerns over value for money and whether the system meets its objectives.

“Tory Ministers need to get a grip of the situation as their already damaged reputation fades away even futher."