BARRY’S world-renowned online real ale reviewer, Simon Martin has impressed a European brewery so much a drink has been named after him.

35-year-old dad-of-three Simon, known as the Real Ale Guide to YouTube viewers and craft beer fans world-wide, has been honoured with a Browar Pinta Imperial Irish Red Ale called, simply, Call Me Simon.

Former Royal Hotel barman Simon, last month, appeared at the four-day Wroclaw Beer Festival, in Poland, by invitation all expenses paid,-where he was asked to get on stage and real beer-loving address fans.

Simon, who together with Cardiff-based Brains Brewery created the Barry Island IPA available in Tesco, Morrisons, and from Ocado, has seen the Welsh seaside brew reviewed, in Polish, by top beer blogger Tomasz Kopra.

Simon, of Moxon Street, Cadoxton, said: “The beer is going to be bottled in the thousands and has already sold out.

“I had to give a 15-minute speech on stage about the craft beer industry in the UK. It was a pretty action-packed four days.”

Simon will return to Poland in the near future to taste his new brew.

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