MERTHYR Dyfan Chapel opened its doors this Father's Day for visitors to light a candle in remembrance of their dads.

The Friends of Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery provided fair-trade teas and coffees to visitors as part of Barry Town council’s campaign to make Barry a Fair Trade town.

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson said: “Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery is an important part of the history of Barry, and most families, including my own, have a connection with the cemetery.

“This year, the cemetery will be 125 years old, so many generations of Barrians will have been buried here.

“On special occasions, including Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and just before Christmas, the cemetery chapel is opened up so that individuals and families can light a candle to remember their loved ones.

"Last weekend, hundreds visited the chapel, or stopped by for a chat about the cemetery.

“As Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery is managed by Barry Town Council it was only right to support the Town Council’s Fair Trade Campaign, so all of the refreshments offered to visitors were promoting fair-trade.”