AS PART of the upcoming BBC ‘Family Season’, the makers of ‘Family Life Swap’, ‘Rhys Jones’ Wildlife Patrol’, and ‘Ugly, Lovely Swansea: A Poet on the Estate’ are looking for families of all shapes and size to take part in their latest BBC series looking at how the modern Welsh family lives.

Using two families, Wales & Co are going to repeat the incredibly successful ‘Family Life Swap’ formula and get the teenage kids of one Welsh family to swap lives with the teenage kids of another family for a whole week at the end of July this year.

If you and your family might be interested in the experience of a lifetime, drop the company an e-mail at or call Huw on 02920 225588.

For more information please visit or

A spokesman for the programme makers said: "It’s strange to think that not so long ago there was a definite structure to the Welsh family: one mum, one dad and 2.4 kids who crawled, then walked, before fleeing the coop to start families of their own.

"Today it’s the complete opposite: single parents, step parents, same-sex parents, straight parents, older parents, younger parents, kids that never leave home … The number of ways to put together a family is endless. In fact, there seems to be no right or wrong way to structure a family unit – the family bond seems to be more emotional than biological.

"Whilst it’s traditional structure has changed, the family remains at the heart of Welsh culture. In this series, we want to explore the importance of family and family values in modern Wales. And we can’t do it without your help. So whatever size or shape your family takes, get in touch!"