THE WELSH Government’s recent announcement of proposals for new laws to improve the health of the nation attracted interest across the UK – and now the people of South Wales have the chance to give their views on the plans.

Residents of Barry and Penarth can attend the event at The Gate, Cardiff on Wednesday, June 11, between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

People will be asked for feed back on a number of proposals contained in the new White Paper 'Listening to you: Your health matters', which features, amongst other plans, proposals to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol, and restrict the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places.

The public events will discuss proposals including:

•introducing a minimum price for alcohol of 50p per unit to reduce the health harms associated with alcohol overuse and misuse;

•restricting the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places to address concerns these products normalise smoking and undermine the enforcement of the smoking ban;

•introducing a tobacco retailers’ register requiring businesses to inform enforcement authorities if they sell tobacco;

•whether to make it an offence to deliver a tobacco product ordered online to someone under 18, even if the item was ordered by an adult;

•introducing a national register requiring businesses and practitioners providing cosmetic piercing, tattooing and other special procedures to improve regulation and set specific standards such as cleanliness and hygiene;

•requiring local authorities to develop a strategy to ensure toilets are publicly available in local communities; and

•strengthening the role of Local Health Boards when planning and delivering pharmaceutical services.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruth Hussey said: “With some important health challenges facing Wales, the White Paper sets out radical proposals about how to tackle these issues. The publication of the White paper aroused a great deal of interest, not just in Wales but throughout the UK, and now it’s the turn of the Welsh people to express their views as we take the consultation around the country.”

Wales has a strong history of utilising legislation as a way of improving and protecting health, for example by pioneering the ban on smoking in public places, one of the most successful public health initiatives the UK has seen. This track record has established a foundation for these new plans to further improve public health.

The consultation period will end on June 24.

Anyone looking to go along to the consultation event can go to to register. Information on the White Paper and how to respond to the consultation can be found at