A TOWN Centre sports facility should be considered for the council's Court Road depot, not housing according to a PLaid Cymru councillor.

Councillor Ian Johnson has called on the Vale Council to investigate turning their Court Road depot into an indoor sporting facility saying that the council should show ambition and imagination in Barry - not just turning every plot of land into housing.

The site is currently earmarked for housing in the council’s Local Development Plan.

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson said: “Located right next to Jenner Park, the Court Road depot is a large site close to the town centre.

“It would be great if the Vale Council could show ambition and imagination for Barry, rather than just suggesting turning every plot of land into housing.

“The sporting facilities at Jenner Park are excellent, but are outdoors.

“An indoor facility nearby could be used by sports clubs and schools in Barry all-year round, and, unlike halls on the outskirts of town, could be used by all because of its central location.

“Although we know that the Vale Council want to leave the site, that is still some time off, which means there is more than enough time to look at whether sports facilities would be better than housing, and for grant funding to be found.

“The site is quite large, and there could even be room found for a road linking Barry Road and Court Road, moving the traffic away from side streets such as Hannah Street and the other residential roads that link the two.

“It is important that we begin to think now about the sort of Barry we want to see in 10 or 15 years time so that we can plan and prepare to make Barry better.”