STUDENT Finance Wales is urging new students in Barry to apply by May 16, deadline to ensure their funding is in place at the start of term.

Student Finance Wales, part of the Student Loans Company, will be processing funding applications for new students for the first time this year and will take over the processing of all student applications by 2015/16.

The Welsh Government provides a range of financial support for students, including grants and loans, to help support their university and living costs.

Bianca Maysmor, processing manager from Student Finance Wales, said: “Barry students should make sure they’ve got their applications in by the deadline so they have all their funding in place at the start of term.

“Applications with the correct supporting evidence take at least six weeks to process and we do process all applications, including those received after the deadline dates.

“However, it is important for students to know what they are entitled to and to have funding in place when starting university. Some costs may need to be arranged up front, like halls of residence, as well as travel costs and buying course books.

“The quickest way to apply is online with your passport number now:"

The Student Loans Company has produced new resources for students in Wales, to help them understand what they are entitled to and how to apply for finance. You can view the Student Finance Wales main guides, quick guides and animated films: