A ROW kicked off between Barry Town United and Rhoose AFC after the latter had to call off their game due to being unable to field a full team.

Rumours that the evening game - scheduled for Tuesday, April 29 - was called off because Rhoose players were away on a stag do were denied by Rhoose AFC secretary Ken Bryl who said that the club were "very embarrassed" by having to call off the game.

He explained that out of their small squad only two were away on a stag do, three are injured until the end of the season, one was on holiday and several more were unable to alter work commitments for the midweek game. The team only had six available players for the fixture with Barry, with whom they share Jenner Park.

Barry Town United - who can secure the Welsh League Division Three title with wins in their two remaining games - were "very disappointed" by the cancellation which leaves them having to rearrange the crucial match around Rhoose's already packed schedule.

Barry Town United club secretary David Cole said: "They have apologised and the club are embarrassed by it all but we are very disappointed.

"This game has been arranged for quite some time, it's not like it slowly crept up on them."

Rhoose AFC's Ken Bryl reiterated that there was very little the club could do, having already scraped through previous fixtures with a skeleton squad.

"It's very embarrassing for us that we can't get 11 players on the field," he said. "It's embarrassing for me and for us as a club. I didn't take the decision lightly."

The rearranged date for the fixture is to be announced.