ANTI-social youths gathering to play loud music and race their cars are making life a misery for residents of Barry Waterfront.

One homeowner has spoken out about how the summer months become a nightmare for residents of Jackson's Quay and adjacent properties when scores of youngsters gather in groups of roughly 15 to 20 cars, blaring music into the early hours and leaving a filthy, litter-strewn scene in their wake.

Alan Parkins, 62, of Greyburn House says that he is even aware of people who have moved out of the area due to the disruption to their lives.

He said: "It's a pretty regular thing during the summer months.

"From 6pm until about 1.45am, they are out there racing up and down with these attachments to their exhausts that sound like machine guns."

Alan, who moved into his home two years ago explained that it is impossible to ignore the loud music.

"I can't have the window open when it's warm. I have to have my window closed in the evening," he said.

"I put my headphones on to listen to music and I can still hear them.

"People have been moving out. I don’t intend on doing that, I love it here.

"The place itself, I love it, but this shouldn’t be happening. It is spoiling it."

Alan, who lives with his wife, said that the police are regularly called to the area but he would like to see further measures taken to prevent the anti-social behaviour, such as speed bumps being brought in to prevent the racing.

Police in Barry have recently launched an operation to tackle the seasonal rise in vehicle related anti-social behaviour, specifically in areas such as the Waterfront.

PC Nicola Owen, Neighbourhood Beat Manager, said: “This type of behaviour causes disruption to the local community.

“We have started an operation to provide a visible deterrent and disrupt these activities. We intend issuing Section 59 warnings for anyone caught causing a nuisance.

"Once the Section 59 warning is issued, anyone caught again is liable to have their bike or vehicle confiscated."