WITH the Adult Training Centre on Woodlands Road being demolished and the site set for sale, a town centre councillor has expressed his anger at a lack of consultation into the future of the plot.

The former day centre, which was also the site of Barry Maternity Hospital in the 1950s and 60s, was deemed surplus to requirement by the Vale Council and scheduled for closure in 2011.

In May last year the centre's Learning Disability Day Service was moved to Hen Goleg, with the buildings being razed last week.

No planning applications have been submitted for the site, which is set to be put on the market in the near future.

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson said he was disappointed that the council will only consult with Woodlands Road residents when applications have been tabled, rather than at the much earlier stage he requested.

He said: "I am disappointed that the Vale Cabinet ignored my request to consult with the local community on the future use of the Woodlands Road site as they did about Bryneithin in Dinas Powys.

“In refusing to consult, it make them look as if they don’t care about what happens to the area, when they should be working for the benefit of local residents.

“This is a missed opportunity to work with the community. Instead, local residents will now have to wait until a developer comes in and then decide whether or not they are happy with plans.

“However, that may be too late for any disagreement because, as we know from other developments around town, a planning application will probably be accepted if it is legally in order.

“By the time an application comes in, it will be too late for local residents to substantially influence what happens on the site."