VALE MP Alun Cairns added litter-picking to his CV recently after Barry residents contacted him to complain their streets were far from tidy.

Castleland residents had reported a build-up of litter, over several weeks and months, and raised concerns the local authority had taken no action.

Mr Cairns said: “They could not believe the lack of action from the local authority. Despite their best efforts this rubbish has been there for some time.

“The residents I spoke to would have done it themselves but suffered from disabilities. They were so frustrated so I thought it was easier for me to take direct action. This is a fantastic part of Barry and local residents deserve fair play.

“There has been a considerable effort to refurbish many properties of the area, but the local authority seems to have forgotten the basics. The sight does not make a good impression as this is a through-way to Holton Road. I don’t know what their local representatives are doing.”