PUPILS didn’t miss a beat when they wowed an impromptu crowd at Barry Island recently.

A Barry Island Primary parent got the youngsters at the school in tune with a lesson in African drumming before they ventured onto the resort prom.

Year 6 teacher Dominic Broad said: “Following all the theory into drumming helping children to concentrate and develop team work we thought it would be a fun way to develop our topic.

“Our topic is bend and flow, so we decided to write poems based on the life of a river, artwork of local rivers and streams and then to create and perform a beat on the drums. We tied this all together and ventured down to the promenade. We braved the wind and had a fantastic outdoor poetry/ percussion performance. We even managed to gather a small crowd.”

He added: “Pupils were completely enthused and relished performing their hard work for an appreciative crowd.

“To finish off, we bought some lovely hot chocolates before walking back to school. All in all a fab, slightly adventurous day.”