A FILM-MAKER has witnessed more than 25,500 hits on a social media channel after producing a short video of Barry Island Pleasure Park.

The film-maker, who has made the film under the banner of Crazy High, began making 'Barry Island Pleasure Park 2014 - No longer occurring' last month – gathering footage over two days and shared via YouTube.

The 36-year-old, whose family came from the town, said he had wanted to record the log flume before it was taken down and gone forever and had used a remote control quadcopter with a HD camera on board.

He said: “I'd have loved it if many more of the old rides were still standing such as the dodgems, pirate ship, Enterprise, but I understand now it's a travelling fairground that comes and provides the rides in the summer. It's quite heartbreaking to see the state of the log flume now after it has been the featured ride there for many years. I seem to be one of few people who can remember the old fun house and its massive clown face on the front of the building with a swinging arm of sorts. I'm not old enough to remember the scenic railway though.

“I have an uncle who is still a resident on the island so I have very fond memories of the place."

The film-maker, who did not want to be named, continued: “There were no real problems with the filming other than a little wind and trying to maintain eye contact with the quad at all times. I get a little close to an overgrown tree on the top of the log flume. That got my heart beating, but it is all down to experience and knowing your own abilities. We're actually very safe and sensible with the quadcopters especially when it comes to making judgements about the weather or flying over water or where the craft might distract people too much.

“I was shocked that in just four days we've hit 25,000 views on YouTube. Had I known it would receive such attention then I'd have spent more time ironing out a few wrinkles on the footage and possibly re-shot a couple of things on a windless day.

“I'm happy with it though. I don't like the sadness the video brings. It would have been much better to have been able to produce something like this with the park in its prime and with Butlins camp in the background, but it is what it is.”

Travelling showman Vernon Studt opens up on the fairground site, with a selection of rides and attractions, during the holiday season each year.

l To view the film, visit YouTube and search Barry Island Pleasure Park 2014 - No longer occurring.