DUE to an increase in incidents of anti-social behaviour at Rhoose Point, the Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering introducing byelaws to give the police and some council officers the power to take action.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council wants to know how local residents feel about the matter through a public consultation.

Councillor Gwyn John said: "We have had a lot of discussion with residents at Rhoose Point over the small minority of users who indulge in anti-social behaviour at the site.

"This consultation will allow the community to put forward their views regarding the proposals."

The proposed new byelaws would cover, regulate and control activities such as swimming, fishing, metal detecting, overnight parking and camping, fires and unauthorised barbecues and harm to wildlife.

Anti-social behaviour, including consumption of alcohol, excessive noise and wilful damage would be managed more effectively, with courts imposing a fine for non-compliance.