Cyd Cymru Collective Energy Buying Scheme

Q: What is Cyd Cymru Collective Energy Buying Scheme? How can this scheme ensure I get cheaper energy bills?

A: The switch, called Cyd Cymru/Wales Together, is being run by Cardiff Council and the Vale Of Glamorgan Council, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, but is open to everyone in Wales. The idea is to group together and bulk buy energy, so we all get a cheaper price and collectively save more. This is the first time we’ve tried a free collective switch in Wales, and our scheme is backed by the Welsh Government to help people reduce the cost of their energy bills and reduce the number of people in fuel poverty in Wales.

By switching suppliers you can definitely save money. People across Britain

are seeing bigger benefits by switching and collectively buying their energy together, saving between £60 and £250 per household per year. The more people that sign up, the better discounts can be negotiated when the energy auction takes place. Energy Suppliers are asked to give their best price to those who have registered to be part of the collective and then a new rate will be offered and you will be contacted with a personal offer calculated for you, based on the information you have provided. A similar collective purchasing scheme undertaken in Cornwall in 2012 helped more than 1,000 people save an average of £133 on their annual energy bills.

It’s easy to sign up and find out how much money you can save. Sign up online at or phone 0800 093 5902 between now and March 3, and just provide your current gas and electric suppliers’ name and how much you spend on average on your energy bills. The Cyd Cymru team will then contact you and let you know how much you could save by switching to another supplier and the final decision will be yours. If you choose to switch energy supplier they will then guide and support you through the switching process.

This scheme is free and there is no obligation to switch once you have signed up. Cyd Cymru is open to all domestic homeowners, private tenants and council/social tenants.

For further information you can contact the Energy Saving Trust on 0808 808 2244 where an advisor will be happy to clarify any queries and guide you through signing up to the Cyd Cymru energy collective scheme.