LITTLE Morgan Williams' parents have more reasons than most to be proud of their lad, and soon they're going to have another.

Having beat the odds when he was born 12 weeks premature, weighing just 2lb 7oz, Morgan has developed into a football mad three-year-old and will be leading out the Cardiff City team for a game next month.

For Morgan's dad and lifelong Cardiff fan Rhys, it will be a dream come true to see his boy walk the squad out in front of up to 28,000 people before their home fixture with Aston Villa.

Rhys, 27, and his wife Natasha, 26, have invited the whole family to watch Morgan's big moment.

"I'm absolutely buzzing", said Rhys, who won the prize for Morgan at a charity auction. "I'm pretty amazed by it all. It'll be such a proud moment when it happens.

"I'll be crying I expect."

Morgan spent the first few weeks of his life in the Special Care Baby Unit at Royal Glamorgan Hospital before being allowed home with his parents in June 2010.

The couple, from Rhoose, have watched their little lad turn into an active and able toddler who is walking, is starting to talk and even attends junior football training on weekends.

"He can kick a ball and run around, he hasn't quite got the tackling side of things yet," Rhys joked.

He added: "We were in hospital with him for 11 weeks but he's gone from strength to strength since he came home really.

"All the doctors can't believe how well he's doing, we can't believe how much he's come on.

"We're really proud of him."