STORMS lashing Barry Island beach have damaged a promenade wall that has remained intact since 1922.

The iconic Whitmore Bay feature suffered damage to slip way 4 with the iconic stone washed away.

Wind and rain caused a portable cabin to move from its base, produced debris from trees, up-rooted bins and left sand on the walkway.

Traders at the Western Shelter narrowly avoided water entering their premises as high tide waves crashed ashore on Friday morning.

Craig O’Shea, owner of O’Shea’s Cafe and Takeway, said: “We have been here since 1946 and the cafe has never let in sea water. This is the closest I have seen it come over the wall and into the western shelter to about 6 feet to the cafe doors. High tide is 8.20pm today, fingers crossed!”

Cafe owner, Marco Zeraschi added: “It’s mad.”

Emergency services are advising people to stay away from coastal areas while storms prevail.

A Vale Council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of high tides, strong winds and large waves resulting in multiple flood warnings being issued in the area. It is important that people take common sense precautions by avoiding sea front areas and not wading or driving into floodwaters.”

She added: “The Council has deployed a number of resources to deal with the problems encountered along the Vale coastline and have put arrangements in place to deal with the forecast for this evening and tomorrow.”

Llantwit Major Beach road and car park will be closed from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning.

Penarth Esplanade road will be monitored for potential closure at high tide from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning.

Southerdown Beach access road closure at high tide on Friday afternoon to Saturday morning.

Penarth Pier will be closed for public safety and reassessed on Monday.

Flood warning signs will be placed on road to advise caution at Swanbridge and coastal public toilets will be closed all weekend