LITTER enforcement officers will continue to patrol the Vale - despite confusion over circumstances surrounding the private company.

XFOR officers, halfway through a one-year trial, will continue work in the Vale, taking a zero tolerance approach by issuing on-the-spot fines to those committing littering or dog fouling offences.

Amid speculation in other areas of the UK that the company is in financial difficulties, Vale Council director of visible services and housing, Miles Punter said: "The evidence suggests that Aqua LAS, a company which formerly traded as XFOR LAS, has gone into administration.

"We have not been notified of any financial difficulties with XFOR LAS, the company which the Council engaged on a 12 month trial for litter enforcement in July 2012."

He added: "As we only pay XFOR after a Fixed Penalty Notice has been legitimately issued, and only for a proportion of the notice value, XFOR would have no debts with the Council."

  • In the week commencing January 21, XFOR officers issued 39 Fixed Penalty Notices in the Vale of Glamorgan.