BARRY Athletic Club members have thanked two good samaritans who donated a new water pump to the club, replacing one that was stolen on Christmas night.

After an appeal in the Barry and District News (January 3) for information about the theft, Shane Statham and James Burniston arrived with a new pump for the club the very next day.

Their gift allowed the flooded pitch to be drained, so that youngsters and adults could get back to playing football as soon as possible.

The donation also saved the club valuable funds, with the cost of replacing the two pumps stolen estimated at more than £100.

Shane, 21, said: "My dad owns the boat that caught fire in the Old Harbour last year.

"We had had stuff nicked from the boat in the past, so I knew what it was like.

"We saw the pump when we were in Cash Generator and decided to buy it."

James, 22, added: "We are part of the Yacht Club, and know with a members club that there is only so much money available.

"They haven't got the money to buy a new pump, and when we heard it had been stolen we felt sorry for them. If it's helped them out that's great."

Glan Williams, grounds manager at Barry Athletic Club, said: "It's a marvelous donation.

"We all felt quite down about the theft, then these young lads brought us back up again. It was a lovely gesture that took us by surprise.

"We cleared the pitch and drained the culverts, and now everything is ready to go."

Rhys Howell, grounds manager assistant at the club, added: "We were over the moon when they donated it. To think there are actually nice people out there!

"You can see now that there is no water on the pitch, so it's obviously working."

Ian Gadd, secretary of Barry Athletic Cricket Club, said: "It was a surprise and we are very appreciative. It restores your faith in humanity."