STUDENTS and staff at Barry Comprehensive School put their heads together to raise more than £1,500 for Children in Need!

Students paid £1 to wear their own clothes for the day and a group of 22 sixth-formers following the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification organised a range of fundraising activities.

There was a Pudsey Bear and Sesame Street cupcake sale, with tasty treats made and decorated by Michael Doughty, Jake Anderson, Lucy Morgan, Taylor Knight and Matthew Collins of 12DGP during a visit to Lewis Pies in Swansea; whilst Tommy Edwards and Luke Curtis sold sweets.

The School Parliament Community group persuaded a number of brave students and staff to have their legs waxed, with the audience paying 20p each to watch.

On the basketball court Mr Green, Mr Peacock and Mr Williams found themselves locked in the stocks being pelted with soaking wet, cold sponges!

10AE raised £60 by soaking Miss Ellis and by organising a 'Dead Man's Tomb' scare-fest in the drama studio, challenging pupils to face their fears - all for a small charge of course!

Meanwhile Miss Lander, Mr Tresilian, Miss Nicklin, Miss Morgan and Miss Walters found themselves in a big black Mastermind chair - as Jack Brown from 12ARJ put them through their paces in two gruelling rounds. Miss Nicklin was crowned Mastermind Champion 2012 with her vast knowledge of The Only Way is Essex!

The fun continued with staff being thrashed in a Sixth Form v Staff football competition!

And the day was rounded off with 12 teachers facing their fears in the 'I'm a teacher, get me out of here - bush tucker trials'.

Staff faced seven challenges which included Miss Ellis and Miss Jenkins claiming stars from boxes of insects, maggots and rag worms, Miss McAuliffe and Miss Rowe retrieving tennis balls from buckets of fish bait, Mr Prickett and Mr Hargreaves racing up the school climbing wall, and Miss Lander and Miss Hughes downing a sprout, asparagus, artichoke and bean smoothie!

12DGP would like to thank everyone for getting into the spirit of the day, including those teachers who faced a few nasty surprises, and for helping them raise a substantial amount for a very worthwhile cause.