BARRY Island is no stranger to camera crews – and 2022 is no exception.

Yesterday (Monday, January 10) a filming base unit was set-up at Nell’s Point car park, with filming to take place in Harbour Road car park between 6am and 6pm today (Tuesday, January 11) and tomorrow (Wednesday, January 12).

Both car parks remain open, but there was speculation on social media as to what is being filmed.

What was speculated?

Arguably the most famous TV show filmed at Barry Island was Gavin and Stacey which aired 21 episodes, including Christmas specials, but the last series finished airing in 2010. The last Christmas special was released in 2019, which led to fans of the sitcom flocking to Barry Island.

Although stars of Gavin and Stacey have hinted at another special episode there are currently no known plans for a fourth season of the show and this is not what is being filmed at Barry Island this week.

Another BBC show which people thought could be being filmed at Barry Island this week is Doctor Who, a sci-fi which first emerged in 1963 and is a significant part of British popular culture.

A year ago today (January 11) Jodie Whittaker, the first female Time Lord, was spotted at Cold Knap beach filming for season 13, with cast and crew regularly seen filming in Barry over the years.

Last year also saw Channel 4 camera crew at Barry Island, filming for drama series The Undeclared War which is due to go on air this year – with no release date yet announced.

Barry And District News: Filming for The Undeclared War in May 2021 (Picture: Camera Club member Colin Edmunds)Filming for The Undeclared War in May 2021 (Picture: Camera Club member Colin Edmunds)

But the crew based at Nell’s Point car park and filming at Harbour Road car park this week are from the BBC.

What is being filmed this week? 

It has been confirmed that this week’s filming on Barry Island is for medical drama series: Casualty.

Casualty first aired in 1986, with 36 seasons based around the A&E department of Holby City Hospital. It airs weekly on Saturday nights on BBC One, with previous scenes filmed at Barry Island despite weather issues such as rain and heatwaves.