BARRY Island has seen a mass influx of visitors following the broadcasting of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Day special – almost a decade after new episodes were last seen.

The award-winning comedy, set in Barry Island, Barry, and in other South Wales locations, was the TV ratings winner on December 25 with an average of 11.6 million viewers on BBC One.

Fans and Barry Island traders are hoping a fourth series will be written by Ruth Jones and James Corden following the favourable reaction from TV critics and viewers.

The Christmas special featured scenes set around Marco's Cafe and Island Leisure - the amusement arcade in which 'Nessa' practised her tattoo art and manned the slots.

Marco Zeraschi, who owns the café, said: “It’s been bonkers down here.

“It’s Gavin and Stacey fever.

“It’s not been busy; it’s been extremely busy.

“It’s given us pride in this town and a sense of identity.

“Any time you are on the phone to someone and you say you are from Barry they all say Gavin and Stacey.

“On Christmas Day there was hundreds down here.

“I didn’t open as I’m on opposite shifts to Father Christmas and then Boxing Day with bad weather and rain there was a vast amount of people.

“The interest in Barry and Barry Island because of Gavin and Stacey is phenomenal and it has made Barry look good and Barry Island beautiful.

“It’s made the people of Barry content and happy.

“There was nothing negative.”

On whether there would be a fourth series of Gavin and Stacey, Mr Zeraschi added: “I really hope so.

“They left it wide open and you don’t have to be Einstein to work it out.”