WE’RE gutted and you should be too after a recently opened Barry food outlet announced it has had to close, but don't worry, it's only temporary.

Anyone partial to Asian street food should know by now Koi Nooshi is the place to go to satisfy your noodle pangs.

We can vouch for this when Barry and District tried Jordan Harrison and team’s amazing fare in the stunning setting of Barry’s Waterfront.

In fact, Koi Nooshi isn’t just special for the food, it was also the first business to open in Barry’s previously monikered ‘ghost town’ that is the Waterfront Business District.

Now Mr Harrison has brought life and good food to the area, however don’t they say life goes as fast as a flash of lightening?

Just as it opened, Koi Nooshi has been forced to close for the next few weeks due to technical issues with the fridges.

Mr Harrison said on Koi Nooshi’s Facebook page: “Sorry guys it's with a heavy heart that we will have to shut the shop for the next few weeks.

“We have come to prep the food for opening this weekend and our fridges have decided to cook our stock instead of keep cool it...

“This means we have to invest in some new fridges.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your patience and understanding until we get this resolved.”

Barry And District News: Koi Nooshi has had to close due to problems with the fridgesKoi Nooshi has had to close due to problems with the fridges (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: Jordan Harrison (right) and team say they will be backJordan Harrison (right) and team say they will be back (Image: Newsquest)

Koi Nooshi cooking up an Asian feast in Barry’s Waterfront District

The B&D champions new businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit of Barry and nothing epitomises this more than the opening of Koi Nooshi Asian street food bar.

Koi Nooshi made the news, not just because it was a new business, but also because it was the first business to open its doors in what has been described as the “business district ghost town” of Barry.

Jordan Harrison, 39, didn’t let a lack of cheffing experience stop him from seeing out his dream of owning his own food business.

He’s self-taught in the art of making sushi and his Asian fare was considered so good people urged him to offer it to the wider people of Barry, and that’s exactly what he’s done.

Mr Harrison took the bull by the horns, got into a premise on the Waterfront, and set up his business – creating jobs in the process.

When we went, we ordered big – duck gyozas, ramen chicken katsu, loaded kimchi fries and a katsu curry.

First thing to say, for £34 (plus a 7-Up) that was more than enough for two – we were stuffed and in fact, some of that ramen would be enjoyed again for lunch.

Barry And District News: Koi Nooshi's kimchi loaded fries. IrresistibleKoi Nooshi's kimchi loaded fries. Irresistible (Image: Newsquest)

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The star of the show though was the gyozas, crisp light, fresh and delicious.

Life goes as fast as a flash of lightning, however Koi Nooshi is serving up a storm.

We look forward to trying the food again soon when Koi Nooshi reopens!

Keep up to date with Koi Nooshi on Instagram (koi_nooshi) and Facebook.